Assistance with Fee Disputes


The DCBA Fee Dispute Committee can assist clients of Members in determining whether they may have been improperly charged for legal fees and – if necessary – helping to resolve those disputes. Clients who suspect that they have been improperly charged by Members of DCBA should first take their questions directly to the lawyer involved to resolve any possible errors.

If that is unsuccessful, the client can request the assistance of the Fee Dispute Committee. The client will be asked to supply a written statement of the facts and supporting documentation. The Committee will then request an explanation of the facts from the lawyer and, if warranted, attempt to mediate the dispute. There is no charge for this service.

Pease note:

  • Participation in this process is voluntary for both clients and DCBA members. DCBA strongly encourages our members to cooperate with the process when requested by the client.
  • DCBA does not offer this service to clients of lawyers who are not members of DCBA.

If you believe you may have been billed improperly for legal fees or charges, you may contact Patrice Merzanis, Executive Director of DCBA at 717-232-7536, or write directly to our Fee Dispute Committee, 213 North Front Street, Harrisburg, PA 17101. In the letter, explain why you are disputing the fees and send along COPIES of any documentation that you have (fee agreements, copies of bills, etc.). We will then forward your information to the Committee.